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Refund Policy

Revenuemaker takes all the necessary measures related to risk and rewards involved in markets before delivering any recommendations to client. We also provide a two days free trial to secure & showcase the pattern, technical language & accuracy of services on free basis.
Once the client has paid for the services there will be NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS or TRANSFERS.
Kindly ensure yourself by having 2 days free trial services prior taking any paid services. Even then we always make sure that we shall provide the most accurate tips from our part. So, we do not have any refund policy at any case.
We appeal to our visitors not to offer or allow anyone else even your family members, children and friend to use any electronic modes of payments or your personal accounts for taking subscription without your prior permission.
Once you have made any payment for subscription to our site or in the bank account as mentioned in payment option. We believe that you have read and agreed to the Refund Policy of Revenuemaker that NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS or TRANSFERS are done in any case.
If any new client paid twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded via same source within 07 to 10 working days (only if the payment is made through same portal & for the same client has given written intimation on same day notifying the concern).